Community Health

A healthy community starts with healthy individuals. People’s CORE endeavors to correct health disparities and raise the quality of people’s well-being through our public health advocacy and education efforts. We promote awareness among individuals and facilitate their civic engagement around health issues that directly impact community members’ lives, the health conditions where they live and work, and ways of improving their health.

Smoke-Free Apartments Project

Smoke-Free Apartments ProjectAlthough 85% of California’s adults do not smoke, only a small fraction of rental units are smoke-free. This places multi-unit housing residents at greater risk for secondhand smoke (SHS) exposure. The right to breathe clean air in one’s own home is a basic health protection that everyone deserves. People’s CORE works with multi-unit housing property owners and tenants in Central Los Angeles to implement voluntary policies that reduce SHS exposure.

Los Angeles County Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing Project

Smoke-Free Apartments ProjectPeople’s CORE engages residents, decision makers, and organizations in Cerritos and Artesia who are concerned about the public health impact of cigarettes and secondhand smoke with the Healthy Lungs at Home Coalition. People‚Äôs CORE educates and facilitates community dialogue regarding the issue of involuntary secondhand smoke exposure in multi-unit housing. For more information, please visit