Culture and Arts Enhancement

Arts and culture have historically played pivotal roles in creating, reinforcing, and sustaining positive change realized through social movements. People’s CORE recognizes the immeasurable impact that arts and culture can make in people’s lives. In Los Angeles, we offer arts and culture education to increase accessibility for all people.

Traditional Art of Eskrima

This course takes a comprehensive look at the cultural components of Eskrima, the art of Filipino stick-fighting. Various components, such as indigenous writing, dancing, and combat philosophies of the Philippines, are interdependent on each other for the benefit of the art as a whole.

CANVAS (Coalition for Artistic Nourishment and Vision Affecting Society)

CANVAS takes a comprehensive approach when engaging youth by providing leadership training, skills development, team-building, critical thinking, and community involvement. Visual art is one of the means through which youth are encouraged to express themselves in a productive manner.

Half-year afterschool program between 3-4 hours per week with the output being a public mural.

  • 1. Leadership Training
    • a. Critical thinking and Ideological training through regular discussions and presentations
    • b. Social investigation and community mapping to identify resources and build networks
    • c. Event planning for various functions held throughout the year, including fundraisers
  • 2. Skills Development
    • a. Elements of Art
    • b. Basic Shapes and Techniques
    • c. Human Anatomy
    • d. Color Theory
  • 3. Collaborative Participation
    • a. Collective Decision-Making and Problem-Solving through group exercises
    • b. Youth mentoring between participants at different levels of experience
    • c. Instills the value of cooperation toward a common goal rather than competition toward individual success