People’s Rights and Social Justice

People’s CORE engages the community in facilitating the struggle for people’s rights and social justice. Community members are mobilized through grassroots advocacy to implement campaigns with a focus on systemic change. When community members actively assert themselves as campaign stakeholders, they build their own access to greater economic resources, political power, and social participation.

Telecommunications Education and Assistance in Multiple-languages (TEAM) Collaborative

Consumers and immigrants who have a limited proficiency in English are at a disadvantage when trying to resolve billing issues with their phone companies. Through TEAM, People’s CORE assists consumers and provides education to help avoid problems in the future. People’s CORE works with members of underserved communities in a variety of languages.

Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV)

Justice for Filipino American VeteransOn February 18, 1946, the U.S. Congress passed the Rescission Act, effectively nullifying benefits promised to all Filipinos who served under the U.S. military during World War II. Under People’s CORE, JFAV unites a broad contingent of community organizations to advocate for Filipino American WWII veterans’ equity. For more information, please visit

Immigrant Rights Advocacy and Services (IRAS)

Since 1996, People’s CORE has consistently advocated for immigrant rights in southern California. In light of recent changes in immigration reform and the need for services to assist immigrants who are seeking help in our communities, People’s CORE offers referral and educational services on immigrant rights and legalization while maintaining advocacy efforts.

  • 1. Education on Immigrant’s Rights and Legalization Process
    • a. Survey immigrant communities in order to collect data and document needs of community
      • i. Organize forums and town hall meetings
      • ii. Coordinate with other immigrant rights organizations
    • b. Educate the community about the new laws regarding immigration
  • 2. Advocacy Efforts
    • a. Coordinate with ICE and the DHS, state, and local governments for joint projects towards advocacy for new immigration laws and policies to be implemented until the new federal immigration laws are enacted.
  • 3. Referral Services
    • a. In coordination with other non-profit organizations, local and federal entities, we will utilize our wide network to refer immigrants to the proper agency.